Dane Tattoo
Tattoo and Graffiti Art

Dane was born in 1983 and raised in Athens Greece.

At his early days come in touch with the world of graffiti and especially with street bombing in which he became a pioneer in Greek graffiti scene.

His relationship with tattooing began in 2008.

This tattooist is well known for his unique approach to Traditional Tattooing.

His surreal visions of figures, objects and symmetry combined with his experience in Byzantine Hagiography gave birth to a most sacred and spiritual Traditional Tattooing that is highly distinctive and unique.

His use of static and primitive imagery of ” less is more” principle which is further enhanced by the use of minimal and sometimes sacred color pallets, compliment the feeling and mood of his lost in time motifs.

Collecting his pieces or setting singular large scale work best achieves the most striking and unique results.

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